UPDATE  15th June 2021

Update: Team BFC’s fight against Covid-19 and the future…

What a roller coaster the past year it's been. We've postponed multiple events, become a Community Interest Company, and are working in partnership with the Firefighters Charity.


Hull City Center Location for the 2022 event

Our BFC Team decided to postpone our British Firefighter Challenge taking place in Hull City Centre in 2020 because of the pandemic. It is the first time since its inception in 2016 that the BFC hasn't taken place. The rollout of mass vaccination centres in and around Hull City once again caused the team to announce an additional postponement. Hull City Council and Humberside Fire and Rescue Services have agreed to support the 29-31st July 2022 event.


The Blue Light Stair Run faced similar challenges. The first all blue-light personnel stair run was scheduled to take place at Broadgate Tower, in the heart of London's financial district. The team, based on government regulations and advice, postponed the 2020 event to 2021 and again more recently to the weekend of 16th/17th April 2022.


We must thank all our competitors for their patience and understanding during this difficult time.


Our events continue to happen because of the goodwill of all our participants. We are so grateful to our competitors who have been cooperative with rearranging their places since we can't offer mass refunds. We invest all funds from the British Firefighter Challenge into the future of the event, such as paying for the BFC Tower built by Crofton Engineering.


The costs of the website and design also mean that our registration fees are part of an annual income to fund the events and, in turn, raise money for charities supporting emergency services, such as the Firefighters Charity.


The BFC team, which consists of 5 individuals, has volunteered countless hours to help plan and deliver each event, so we would like to thank you for your kind words, which motivate us to continue on.


We must also thank all of our sponsors for standing by us through these challenging times. Without their support, we could not continue to plan for the future. Crofton Engineering has delayed re-payments for the BFC Tower, which has been a great relief to the project team. It is with great pleasure that we announce that our sponsors have continued to support us financially and are constantly working on new ideas to help the emergency services stay fit and healthy. We look forward to presenting these ideas to you in the near future. For example, BSFoods is exploring new ways to help, with a new line of Challenge supplements planned for later in 2021. MSA, William Wood watches, Gore-Tex, Ruth Lee, HAIX, Skills for Justice, Harken Industrial, Bosch, Speedy, Corhaven and PBI have all pledged their support in the future and we are extremely grateful.


We are working with the Cheshire Firefighter Challenge to provide a virtual challenge in June/July in preparation for the BFC in October - Register here →


Those with keen eyes and ears may have noticed our new Firefighters podcast now available on the website. We wanted to be the first to celebrate the success of our competitors and sponsors, so please do listen to their episodes whilst navigating our website, there are some truly inspiring stories among the challenge community, well done to Pete Wakefield, one of our competitors for hosting.


Our entire BFC Team wishes you the very best of health and success in 2021, and we encourage you to keep taking part in our challenges, inspiring those around you to keep active, and most importantly staying safe.


John Gregory (Leicestershire FRS), Christopher Trendowicz (Nottinghamshire FRS), Robert Budge, Michael Joseph (Hertfordshire FRS) and Chesney Conu-Heywood (Gloucestershire FRS).