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The British Firefighter Challenge inspires health and fitness across the UK Fire and Rescue Service. It is held in aid of the Firefighters Charity and raises awareness of the invaluable prevention work our firefighters do in their communities.

This unique two day event gives firefighters the opportunity to push their strengths to the limits, whilst impressing spectators with their sheer skill and determination.

Showcasing a wide range of fire service equipment, firefighters must complete eight stages, each demonstrating the rigours placed on individuals and teams at an incident ground.

Around the course our spectators can engage in community safety activities, volunteering, speak with the host Fire and Rescue Service about recruitment, and the younger generation can even try out our replica short course to see if they have what it takes.

This amazing international event is run, hosted and made what it is, by passionate volunteers and their hard work.

With running costs of approx £50,000 per event, it’s only through the support of our generous sponsors that this huge event can happen.