Blue Light Stair Run Stair Run Etiquette
All competitors should give way to a faster team. If you are being overtaken, please step aside and give the oncoming team the inside rail/racing line before continuing. If you do not step aside, this will be deemed unsportsmanlike and you may be disqualified by the Course Marshall.

The Blue Light Stair Run entry fees cover administration costs, refunds therefore will only be considered up to 7 days after registration. In extreme circumstances, entries may be carried over to the following year. Thank you for your understanding.

Blue Light Stair Run Disqualification Infringements
• Failure to show
• Failure to finish
• Failure to finish within one flight of stairs to your partner
• Altered turnout gear
• Dirty turnout gear
• Disrupting the competition
• Unsportsmanlike behaviour (i.e., throwing gear)
• Interference on the course
• Unauthorised personnel on the course
• Failure to retrieve dropped equipment/apparel