Males 18-29 Category 1st - Jack Baker, West Midlands 02:14.09 2nd - Matt Adams, Gloucestershire, 02:18.43 3rd - Simon Calvert, Cheshire, 02:26.17
Males 30-34 Category 1st - Martin Remplebauer, Hagenburg, 02:15.38 2nd - Thomas Bogovits, Kittsee, 02:29.97 3rd - Roser Herbert, Wien, 02:36.19
Males 35-39 Category 1st - Aaron Childs, Northamptonshire, 02:27.44 2nd - Mart Liblik, Estonia, 02:28.59 3rd - John Gregory, Leicestershire, 02:29.31
Males 40-44 Category 1st - Alor Kasepold, Estonia, 02:17.57 2nd - Dave Budge, Berkshire, 02:17.71 3rd - Robert Budge, Hertfordshire, 02:30.72
Males 45-49 Category 1st - Lee Phillips, London, 02:37.47 2nd - Dominic Norcross, Mid & West Wales, 03:07.88 3rd - Chris Holmes, Leicestershire, 03:10.69
Males 50-54 Category 1st - Joachim Popanz, Berufsfeuerwehr Goettingen, 02:27.54 2nd - Stefan Douglas, Northamptonshire, 02:54.81 3rd - Johnny Gheeraert, Antwerp, 03:02.78
Males 55+ Category 1st - Robert Green, Kent, 02:57.68 2nd - Thomas Schragner, Gnodweikensdorf, 03:19.60 3rd - Kenneth Helgerson, US Department Of Defence, 03:27.67
Females 18-29 Category 1st - Hannah Butler, Greater Manchester, 04:12.50 2nd - Chiara Schmidt, Berlin, 04:42.31 3rd - Maddie Archer, Cheshire, 05:29.34
Females 30-39 Category 1st - Helena Brown, Greater Manchester, 03:55.97 2nd - Chrissy Downer, Oxfordshire, 03:56:03 3rd - Ella Stevens, Cumbria, 04:14.13
Females 40+ Category 1st - May Tommervold, Tonsberg, 03:09.29 2nd - Teresa Waplington, Gloucestershire, 04:36:47 3rd - Emilie Stephenson, Cleveland, 05:07.44


1st Place Jack Baker West Midlands 00:02:14.09
2nd Place Martin Remplbauer Team Austria 00:02:15.38
3rd Place Alor Kasepold Torva - Estonia 00:02:17.57
4th Place Dave Budge Royal Berkshire 00:02:17.71
5th Place Matt Adams Gloucestershire 00:02:18.43
6th Place Simon Calvert Cheshire 00:02:26.17
7th Place Aaron Childs Northamptonshire 00:02:27.44
8th Place Joachim Posanz Berufsfeuerwehr Goettingen 00:02:27.54
9th Place Mart Liblik Torva - Estonia 00:02:28.59
10th Place John Gregory Leicestershire 00:02:29.31
11th Place Thomas Bogovits Team Austria 00:02:29.97
12th Place Robert Budge Hertfordshire 00:02:30.72
13th Place Aidan Grant Linton Army Fire Service 00:02:31.25
14th Place Roser Herbert BF Wien 00:02:36.19
15th Place Ryan Cook Cheshire 00:02:37.19
16th Place Shaun McCartney Cleveland 00:02:37.31
17th Place Lee Phillips London Fire Brigade 00:02:37.47
18th Place Tim Frost Mid And West Wales 00:02:37.87
19th Place James Sheen Mid And West Wales 00:02:38.43
20th Place Sam Cushing Gloucestershire 00:02:39.25
21st Place Kai Weaver Gloucestershire 00:02:40.31
22nd Plance Sander Kaur Torva - Estonia 00:02:41.60
23rd Place Dom Whittaker Suffolk 00:02:43.84
24th Place Mikk Palover Torva - Estonia 00:02:45.97
25th Place Zac Blackledge Lancashire 00:02:48.69
26th Place Lee Rees Mid And West Wales 00:02:49.78
27th Place Joe Salmon London Fire Brigade 00:02:50.62
28th Place Edvinas Noreikis Lincolnshire 00:02:50.75
29th Place Bobby Petrov Gloucestershire 00:02:51.03
30th Place Oliver Mayo London Fire Brigade 00:02:51.97
31st Place Marc Howson Greater Manchester 00:02:54.66
32nd Place Stefan Douglas Northamptonshire 00:02:54.81
33rd Place James Johnson Mid And West Wales 00:02:56.97
34th Place Miroslav Michlovsky Czech Republic 00:02:57.47
35th Place Robert Green Kent 00:02:57.68
36th Place Christopher Trendowicz Nottinghamshire 00:02:58.07
37th Place Chris Gibbs Suffolk 00:02:58.35
38th Place Craig Austin Greater Manchester 00:03:01.88
39th Place Johnny Gheeraert Antwerp Firebrigade 00:03:02.78
40th Place Anthony Papamichael London Fire Brigade 00:03:03.00
41st Place Graham Lintern Nottinghamshire 00:03:03.03
42nd Place Haydn Ralph Mid And West Wales 00:03:03.66
43rd Place Matthew McNally Greater Manchester 00:03:04.15
44th Place John Leonard Merseyside 00:03:04.40
45th Place Anthony Crumlish Greater Manchester 00:03:05.12
46th Place Luke Batley Gloucestershire 00:03:05.72
47th Place Jamie McCarron Northumberland 00:03:05.78
48th Place Elliott Moore Isle Of Man 00:03:05.82
49th Place Ross Mackay Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 00:03:06.02
50th Place Florian Steurer FCC Austria 00:03:06.66
51st Place Steven Clews Leicestershire 00:03:07.44
52nd Place Dominic Norcross Mid And West Wales 00:03:07.88
53rd Place Peter Schmidmair Ff Puchkirchen 00:03:08.62
54th Place James Ranger Hampshire & Isle Of Wight 00:03:08.84
55th Place Henry Sleight Northamptonshire 00:03:09.00
56th Place Paul Burns Greater Manchester 00:03:09.25
57th Place May Tommervold Tonsberg 00:03:09.29
58th Place Hilton Phillips Merseyside 00:03:09.40
59th Place Mark Fitzgerald Cleveland 00:03:10.22
60th Place Chris Holmes Leicestershire 00:03:10.69
61st Place Adrian Gaitan FCC Team Austria 00:03:10.69
62nd Place Allan Day Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 00:03:10.75
63rd Place Dan Goymer Dorset & Wiltshire 00:03:11.03
64th Place Luke Kavanagh Gloucestershire 00:03:11.53
65th Place Robert Johnson Greater Manchester 00:03:11.94
66th Place Joshua Szikora-Warmington Hereford And Worcester 00:03:12.25
67th Place Tom Dunbar Lancashire 00:03:12.82
68th Place Joe Taylor Humberside 00:03:13.62
69th Place Will Brookes Cleveland 00:03:14.08
70th Place Aarron Crowley Greater Manchester 00:03:14.28
71st Place Ivan Horbacz West Midlands 00:03:14.44
72nd Place Mark Glover Merseyside 00:03:14.83
73rd Place Alex Smith Suffolk 00:03:15.09
74th Place Morgan Lewis Mid And West Wales 00:03:16.37
75th Place Gareth Courtney London Fire Brigade 00:03:17.00
76th Place Paul Webb Northamptonshire 00:03:17.03
77th Place Thomas Schragner FCC Team Austria 00:03:19.60
78th Place Laurenz Priewasser Ff Timelkam 00:03:19.88
79th Place Dan Watson Cleveland 00:03:19.90
80th Place Wesley Van Camp Brandweerzone Antwerpen 00:03:20.25
81st Place Markus Weinhofer FCC Team Austria 00:03:21.03
82nd Place Daniel Hope Merseyside 00:03:21.19
83rd Place Andreas Gassner Team Austria 00:03:22.44
84th Place Fred Morton Lancashire 00:03:22.73
85th Place Ben Foster Humberside 00:03:22.79
86th Place Tom Wilks Greater Manchester 00:03:23.37
87th Place Markus Fellner FCC Team Austria 00:03:23.43
88th Place Steve McAllister Cleveland 00:03:24.00
89th Place Chris Ward Staffordshire 00:03:24.29
90th Place Alexander Sader Berlin 00:03:24.50
91st Place Lewis Russell Humberside 00:03:25.00
92nd Place Jonathan James West Midlands 00:03:25.09
93rd Place Dominic Welsby Greater Manchester 00:03:27.44
94th Place Kenneth Helgerson US Department of Defence 00:03:27.67
95th Place Lee Sims Humberside 00:03:27.75
96th Place Niall O'Crualaoich Cork City Fire Brigade 00:03:28.28
97th Place James Ashley London Fire Brigade 00:03:29.28
98th Place Martin Gore Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 00:03:30.66
99th Place Tom Theunis Antwerp Fire Service 00:03:30.75
100th Place Michael Joseph Hertfordshire 00:03:30.78
101st Place Dan Staley Buckinghamshire 00:03:31.25
102nd Place Aaron Shaw Leicestershire 00:03:31.96
103rd Place Matt Outen Leicestershire 00:03:33.75
104th Place Sam Miller Cheshire 00:03:33.75
105th Place Stuart Fallows Greater Manchester 00:03:33.97
106th Place Jonny Ross Staffordshire 00:03:34.50
107th Place Jacob Davies Greater Manchester 00:03:36.25
108th Place Joel Bloch Berlin 00:03:36.37
109th Place Martin Molloy Nottinghamshire 00:03:37.18
110th Place Jack Howes Hertfordshire 00:03:37.71
111th Place Chesney Conu-Heywood Greater Manchester 00:03:38.10
112th Place Barry Mellor Hertfordshire 00:03:38.50
113th Place Jack Maney Derbyshire 00:03:38.56
114th Place Simon Dowell Derbyshire 00:03:39.69
115th Place Oliver Fox Mitie ERS 00:03:39.75
116th Place Oli Denning Gloucestershire 00:03:41.50
117th Place Neil Farwell Cleveland 00:03:41.72
118th Place Christopher Walker Mid And West Wales 00:03:41.84
119th Place Tom Blackman London Fire Brigade 00:03:42.33
120th Place David Chapman Greater Manchester 00:03:44.59
121st Place Richard Davies Mid And West Wales 00:03:47.03
122nd Place David Minto Greater Manchester 00:03:47.82
123rd Place Paul Hanlon Dorset & Wiltshire 00:03:50.09
124th Place Tony Taylor Greater Manchester 00:03:51.72
125th Place Josh Bence Gloucestershire 00:03:52.10
126th Place Conor Langton London Fire Brigade 00:03:53.21
127th Place Gary Flynn Cleveland 00:03:53.22
128th Place Tom Harnwell Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 00:03:53.24
129th Place Kevin Nugent Greater Manchester 00:03:55.84
130th Place Helena Brown Greater Manchester 00:03:55.97
131st Place Chrissy Downer Oxfordshire 00:03:56.03
132nd Place Scott Leach Greater Manchester 00:03:57.03
133rd Place Bradley Batstone Devon & Somerset 00:03:57.22
134th Place Stefan Dannbauer FCC Team Austria 00:03:58.31
135th Place Simon Phillips Stansted Airport Fire And Rescue Service 00:03:59.00
136th Place Francois Childs Greater Manchester 00:03:59.38
137th Place Eoin Meaney Greater Manchester 00:03:59.50
138th Place Glen Paul Bailey Mitie ERS 00:04:00.50
139th Place Garry Maybanks Greater Manchester 00:04:01.81
140th Place Sam Roberts Surrey 00:04:02.93
141st Place Timothy Davies Gloucestershire 00:04:03.06
142nd Place Robin Sneddon Shropshire 00:04:03.40
143rd Place Edward Peasgood Hereford And Worcester 00:04:07.00
144th Place Mike Stachowicz Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 00:04:07.28
145th Place Dave Mills Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 00:04:08.69
146th Place Craig Welby Greater Manchester 00:04:10.19
147th Place Hannah Butler Greater Manchester 00:04:12.50
148th Place Ronnie Sherratt Northamptonshire 00:04:13.06
149th Place Ella Stevens Cumbria 00:04:14.13
150th Place Samuel Elson Gloucestershire 00:04:15.97
151st Place Alfie Gardner-Potter Buckinghamshire 00:04:16.06
152nd Place Cailin-Jo Tyler Leicestershire 00:04:16.97
153rd Place Joseph Lightfoot Greater Manchester 00:04:17.78
154th Place Jonny Whittingham Staffordshire 00:04:18.25
155th Place Ceri Large Gloucestershire 00:04:19.06
156th Place Christopher Arnison Greater Manchester 00:04:20.37
157th Place Millie Frost Greater Manchester 00:04:20.70
158th Place Dannielle Bailey Nottinghamshire 00:04:21.09
159th Place Mark Cartlidge Buckinghamshire 00:04:22.00
160th Place Ryan Phillips Bedfordshire 00:04:23.25
161st Place Jennie Forster Cumbria 00:04:23.50
162nd Place Trevor Woods Greater Manchester 00:04:26.91
163rd Place Mark Harrison Hertfordshire 00:04:29.09
164th Place Ben Buxton-Phillips North Wales 00:04:29.66
165th Place Shawn Brockhill 00:04:33.22
166th Place Amy Lynex Gloucestershire 00:04:33.94
167th Place Chris Bishop Gloucestershire 00:04:35.72
168th Place Teresa Waplington Gloucestershire 00:04:36.47
169th Place Miles Drobny Lancashire 00:04:41.00
170th Place Chiara Schmidt Berlin 00:04:42.31
171st Place Rich Barron Hertfordshire 00:04:47.47
172nd Place Andy Finn Greater Manchester 00:04:50.12
173rd Place Scott Merrills Greater Manchester 00:04:55.47
174th Place Aimee Whiteside Cleveland 00:04:55.79
175th Place Ashley Walker London Fire Brigade 00:04:56.19
176th Place Julie Lashmar London Fire Brigade 00:04:58.47
177th Place Dewan Kabir Gazi Greater Manchester 00:04:58.50
178th Place Michael Foster Lincolnshire 00:05:01.31
179th Place Tom Bird Lancashire 00:05:06.75
180th Place Emilie Stephenson Cleveland 00:05:07.44
181st Place Emily Hollands Greater Manchester 00:05:21.00
182nd Place Steven Shelley Suffolk 00:05:27.63
183rd Place Maddie Archer Cheshire 00:05:29.34
184th Place Cally Beal Northumberland 00:05:33.75
185th Place Rachel Smith Gloucestershire 00:05:36.12
186th Place Hannah Hawkins Mid And West Wales 00:05:38.15
187th Place Petra Buresch Team Austria 00:05:45.18
188th Place Jade Richardson Dorset & Wiltshire 00:05:51.53
189th Place Becca Wilkinson Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 00:05:53.03
190th Place Danielle Cannar Cumbria 00:05:59.99
191st Place Bethany Lane Cleveland 00:06:00.00